Clinical Supervision and Coaching

Coaching and Consultancy

Dr Mir is a coach, consultant, and trainer.

He helps C Suite executives deal with issues such as:

  • Imposter Syndrome.
  • Loss of confidence.
  • Strategic decision making.
  • Change processes and transitions.
  • Stress and burnout.

Given his background as a Clinical Psychologist his particular speciality is helping C Suite executives manage hostile, toxic, and often complex team dynamics. He refers to this as traumatised organisations. He is able to assess, formulate, and devise solutions using his eclectic skills in coaching, consultancy, mediation, and training.  

His areas of expertise among others include: 

1)     Positive Psychology.

2)     Motivation.

3)     Personality.

4)     Emotional intelligence.

5)     Cognitive-behavioural methods.

6)     Compassion.

7)     Psychological flexibility.

8)     Leadership.

9)     Solution focused and Gestalt approaches.

10)  EMDR.


He is an accomplished and well rounded person and professional who is highly passionate about the work he does with his clients and revels in assisting them solve their problems.